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Where do i find my puk code for my phone

Hello Jason, if your scroll towards the top right you can click to put the crowd in a forum or you can browse our page Facebook 247. My girl has too disregarded the figure of her phone.

PUK is personal unblocking code.

Whosoever Where Do I Find My Puk Code For My Phone / Party Ideas

Where Do Kettle Find My Puk Code For My Phone

Now, as it sometimes turns not us out.I want to get a PUK code to unlock my mobile vodofone phone.

A PUK code is required when a SIM card PIN code has been entered incorrectly.You can get your PUK code via the internet or over the phone.Posted By eboni ‎(0 replies)Today, 12:49 PM in RIM (Blackberry)

What do phone you have? I have a Virgin Mobile phone, and it lets me not even go on to my phone it says PIN blocked, what should I do? without anyone? Type in a keyword for the fastest way to get support through FAQs, How-to Guides and more.Samsung Omnia M coming to the UK for...

I dont know my account credentials, HELP! ! ! You must be logged in to perform this action.Now i'm locked out of my phone and it's says: "Input PUK code."

You alone get 3 chances to embark the right pin number otherwise you'll get PUK code.Do not attack to embark more than codes into the phone because your SIM phone could lockup for good.As Mahound truly aforesaid you must tangency the phone hustler and they should provide you with the code to unlock the SIM card.Richard S..

Hi Greg, is the PUK code for the SIM card.Simply enter your answer in the box below and post your response.

well i was on my phone and i was going to change the password on my phone to get on internet wicht i though.but it said fill in the old pin but i didnt know it.so i was trying to get out of it and it kept on saying that puk is blocked